10-38The new issue of Crossing Borders, an international¬† magazine that I have been language editing, is out and available for free download. I also happened to shoot the cover this time around–a photo of a mural by Shepard Fairey, taken at 14th & U Sts, NW, Washington, DC. Crossing Borders is a Denmark-based nonprofit/NGO dedicated to providing neutral dialogue space to youth and educators interested in the peace process. They do amazing work and the magazine is just one element of the program. This is is the 3rd issue I’ve been involved with, and the majority of the content is written by young journalists and journalism students in the Middle East, writing about their lives and perspectives on the conflict. They are a lively and fascinating group and it’s been an education in itself for me to be involved with this program. Hopefully I will be traveling to Denmark again in May, teaching a brief writing workshop to a new group of international students.