Soy Shawna!Was honored to be featured as a guest blogger during Banned Books Week by the Haphazard Gourmet Girls. (Wow, there were a lot of prepositions in that sentence and I’m too lazy to edit. Can you tell I’ve been grading papers?) Kudos to the Gehman grrrls for their food activism, especially regarding the contaminated Chinese products.

An excerpt from the entry is below. Click here to visit the Haphazard Gourmet Girls’ website and read the rest.

A singular problem Ms. Kenny faced during her Dom days: She’s a vegan, and refused to wear the leather corset that is de rigueur Dominatrix gear. Her solution? A corset made of the politically correct polyvinyl chloride fabric known as pleather, because, y’know, she was very principled. I Was a Teenage Dominatrix was nominated by Independent Magazine in the Most Likely to be Banned category in its first printing, and has gone on to many printings, here and abroad. The book is frequently removed from school libraries, and whether this is done by enthusiastic fans or disapproving censors is a question of ongoing debate…

The beautiful Soy Shawna was created by an artist friend of mine, Tony Mech. Visit Tony’s website here.