I just finished teaching a private writing workshop and asked my students to (anonymously) list the qualities they look for in a good class. Together it makes a great manifesto-of-sorts, for future reference. Here’s a flyer for their upcoming public reading, by the way–a fantastic bunch!

Oh, and I use Grammarly for proofreading because even the teacher can’t catch all the mistakes, all the time.

What We Do Is Secret flyer

In a perfect writing workshop…

  • All writers provide feedback on time
  • All writers come to class on time
  • Attitudes/egos are suspended
  • Every writer is dedicated to improving his or her own work as well as others
  • Participants have comparable skill levels
  • There is laughter and comfort
  • There is a consistent method for turning in assignments
  • Writers read their work out loud to the class occasionally
  • We have killer weekly writing exercises
  • It’s a safe space to share personal stories without judgment
  • The environment feels supportive
  • We receive smart, serious feedback
  • We have consistent participants
  • There should be a word count or page-limit
  • We’d have a wide selection of teas