I haven’t felt much like writing lately, due to the death of my father just after Thanksgiving. Sure, we butted heads many times over the years, but he was my Dad and I see now that he did the best he could with the wild daughter he was dealt. Somehow his death has helped me to see him as his own entity, separate from me–a human being on his own journey, a trip I was just a part of. What once made me so angry is now easily forgiven. Funny how perspective works.

Though this year ends on a sad note for me, as Ian MacKaye once sang in Embrace, “there’s another one coming…aw shit!” I am looking forward to many of my own projects in 2011 and happy to hear about Riot on the Dance Floor, a film about City Gardens in its heyday. I was booking Safari Club in DC in the late 80s, hosting many of the NY/NJ City Gardens “regulars.” My friend/booking partner Pam and I will be interviewed for the documentary sometime next year and we are happy to help. The soundtrack samples and photos already posted on the website prove it’s going to be killer!

This photo was taken by Dave Brown at Safari Club in ’88 or ’89. That’s my husband Rich Dolinger on stage, singing along with Gorilla Biscuits (6 years after this picture was taken we actually met & started dating; 7 years after that, we married; now we’ve been together for 15). Looking back, we figure we must have been in the same rooms, going to the same shows, at least 500 times before actually meeting face to face. But I had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend and neither of us knew the future, of course. Perspective is a funny thing. Maybe that’s why I like to get upside-down in yoga, doing headstands and handstands. Seeing things from another point of view can change everything.