10-39The new issue of Crossing Borders magazine (#39) is available for download. Since being invited to Denmark as a Language Editor last year, I have continued to work with CB from afar. They are a Denmark-based NGO focused on creating dialogue space and offering media skills to youth and educators living in conflict zones. In 1991 I took a Journalism 101 class at the University of Maryland. One of my classmates was a Danish nanny, living in the States for a year. We bonded over our love of words, leading to a beautiful friendship as well as this unexpected opportunity with Crossing Borders, years later.  CB’s director is an African guy living in Denmark, our editor is a Dane living in Turkey, the designer lives in North  Carolina, we’ve got the Language Editor (me), in Washington, DC, almost all of the contributors live in Africa and the Middle East, and the magazine is printed in Israel. How’s that for globalization?