ImageHappy to share my newest post on the Ms. Blog–a round-up of reactions to PETA’s latest ad campaign. At first I felt my worlds colliding with this one. I’ve been vegetarian for 23 years and recently transitioned to veganism. I identify as both a feminist and domestic violence survivor. I have a vegan husband and we have many friends at PETA. I risk losing some of my social support group in voicing dissent, but the truth is, this is not worlds colliding–we all live in the same world. I appreciate the hard work of animal rights activists. I admire shedding light on truth. The movement throws the phrase “cruelty-free” around, mostly in labeling food and fashion. I want cruelty-free ads, language, behavior and thoughts, as well. We are imperfect; these are qualities I am constantly working to nurture within myself. PETA can do better, too.