This book has been in the works for 6 years. Six years! My husband and I have done over 100 interviews and people have donated tons of never-published photos, flyers and ephemera to make this a truly collective oral and visual history. What took us so long? Well, life… we both work full time, also had both of our computers stolen a few years ago (with only some of our original material backed up), also doing an oral history is a SHIT TON of work (transcribing and transcribing, editing, and tracking people down backstage and in back alleys to get quotes).

We’re thrilled to announce the book has found a home in Rare Bird Books, an indie publisher with a love for music and beautiful products who understood our vision right away when we presented it. We are grateful to them and everyone who has contributed their time and expertise to making this happen. We hope this book will be a treasured document of time and place.

It’s available for pre-order here now. Note there is a collectible version in slipcase cover available, as well. Only 100 of those will be printed, so get on it!