Seems like just yesterday I was singing “School’s out for the summer.” I shouldn’t complain, really. I had 3 weeks on the road writing stories, kayaking in Tennessee, biking the Virginia Creeper Trail, sweating at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, playing in the waves of Sunset Beach in North Carolina. My students are getting a happy and refreshed professor, which is important. Sometimes friends or family members try to make me feel bad; sometimes I can feel sorry for myself–I drive an old beat-up car, I don’t make megabucks that those with cushy jobs seem to make, I am not a NY Times bestselling writer, etc etc. But that’s focusing on the negative. In reality, I have more than I can list here: a loving husband, rewarding career, & friends all over the world, just to name a few. I have an amazing life. Now I’ve just gotta get that syllabus done!