shepard-rich-wall1Had a chance to catch Shepard Fairey, Al Farrow and Paul D. Miller’sRegime Change Starts at Home show at the Irvine Contemporary while visiting DC recently. Shepard postered a legal alley behind the gallery and we caught his work in other random places throughout the city. It’s hard to see in photos, but the series in the alley consists of layers-upon-layers of work. The peace sign is actually a fighter jet, while the text on one of them reads: War for Sale/No Thank You. Here is the actual “thank you” letter Obama sent Fairey for using his talent in such a way. Now there is talk of the Smithsonian buying his original fine art Obama print. Why isn’t there more anti-war art right now? Behold these things of beauty.shepard-treasury1shepard-wall-11obama-poster3