A bunch of interviews I did appear in The Worst of While You Were Sleeping, a compendium of sorts. I wrote for this magazine in the late 90s and early 2000s; it was twisted, horribly politically incorrect and so damn much fun. Editor Roger Gastman went on to co-found Swindle Magazine with Shepard Fairey (which I did a lot of writing for) and then he co-produced Oscar nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

This collection has something for every art/graffiti/pop culture lover—500 full-color pages and here’s a sampling of just what I have in it:

  • Interview with Gary Coleman (RIP)
  • Interview with Joe Strummer (RIP)
  • Interview with the Distillers (RIP)

[Hey, are you seeing a pattern here?]

  • Interview with a 95-year-old “club kid” (RIP)
  • A visit to Legoland with performance artist Selene Luna (thank GOODNESS she is alive and kicking!)