I have been remiss in my blogging and have come to realize maybe I am just not the blogging kind. Anyway, excited to be nearing the end of a five-year project: an oral history of a punk venue I once booked in Washington, DC. My husband Rich and I both hung out there and saw tons of bands there but never actually met one another until much later. We’ve been working on this book together, interviewing people in the back seats of cars at shows, via Skype, on the streets, backstage, over email… whatever it takes to get as many of this space’s stories down.

The whole thing has been both heartwarming and overwhelming. More people than we ever expected seem to want this book now and we feel obligated to do it right for our community. After several talks with indie publishers, we’ve decided the best way to do this is to just do it ourselves–the punk way! This means we can stick with our aesthetic vision… this also means we have to find a way to fund it. Eek! We are hoping our community will help with that, so we’re not really doing it ourselves–we’re doing it with your help!

Until then, we have created a little sneak preview zine version of the book, which will be available as I sign my other books at the It’s Not Dead Festival on Sat. Oct. 10th.

safari cover small

Here’s the cover. It’s designed like a 7″ record and we must thank our friend Christian Wolford (a former bandmate of Rich’s) for all his help with this. I hope we have captured all the chaos and fun of this era and place.