Tucked into the dunes of Sunset Beach/Bird Isle, NC, there is a mailbox filled with notebooks where passersby write their thoughts, prayers, secrets and dreams. Some mystery person has maintained the “Kindred Spirit”  for years, replacing the notebooks when full. I’ve lived in southeastern North Carolina for four years now, and I had to hear about this phenomena from my friend Majsan, in Sweden. Enchanted by this legend, me, Majsan and a visiting writer we’ll just call “the unibomber” drove 45 minutes from Wilmington and trekked the mile and a half down Sunset Beach on a mild November day to find it was real. The entries ranged from “I’ve been coming here for years” and “My grandma dragged me here…” to “We’re on our honeymoon and just discovered this mailbox” to one dated Nov. 6th, 2008: “Thank you, God, for allowing this country to be open enough to elect a person of color. May he be a strong and compassionate leader.” We left our own, too, of course. Gorgeous day and beautiful idea. Maybe every town should have a “kindred spirit” hidden somewhere?