I geeked out at the Library of Congress over the weekend. My mother-in-law was in town; we were looking for things to do and decided on one of those things none of us had done while growing up in the DC area–visiting the Library of Congress. Our tour guide called this public archive a “treasure”  and I really can’t think of a more apt description. Being in this place that values intelligence, art, science, history, architecture and literature filled me with tears of appreciation a few times while wandering around.

I applied for a researcher’s card and requested my memoir, not knowing if it’d actually be there. (The guide had mentioned that “not everything is kept” and “some things are donated elsewhere.”) I was not sure how my book and its subject matter would be classified. A helpful librarian found it in their online catalog and guided me through the request process without batting an eye at the title. (I love librarians!) We lost ourselves in the stacks until the slender tome arrived, bound in the L.O.C. binding and paper to protect its softcover. It is filed under social sciences and remains housed in the Thomas Jefferson building. I’ve never needed the government’s validation of my work but I must share that I was thrilled and maybe even a little proud to see it preserved in such a respectful way in this prestigious collection. I strongly urge any author visiting the DC area to take the time to explore the Library of Congress. If you’ve got extra time and need an ego boost, look up your book while you’re at it. Trust me. You will thank me. Call me a simple-minded person but it’s often the little things in life that make us happiest, right?